(3 volumes, 2,316 pages, 4,012 stamps, paperback, size A4)

First supplement planned 2020/02

Are you a thematic medical stamp collector (in particular of medical personalities) and/or are you interested in medical history? Or do you know somebody who collects (medical) stamps and/or has an interest in medical history and deserves an elegant and interesting present for a special occasion?

Then Health Care Professionals and Medical Scientists on Postage Stamps is the book for you!

In three volumes with a total of 2,316 pages the author Rudy Burgmeijer has brought together 4,012 reproductions of stamps from his collection with 1,468 interesting biographies of professionals and scientists in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, and veterinary medicine. Thus giving an insight into medical history from thousands of years before Christ till the present day.

Even if you are not a health care professional or scientist, or a stamp collector, you can enjoy this book by browsing the pages with full colour illustrations of stamps in actual size. Many of them are artistic masterpieces.

And by doing so, your attention will certainly be attracted by the remarkable biographies of men and women who have been honoured by more than 230 countries with their portrait on a postage stamp. Read who is the person behind the picture and become astonished how many men and women have combined their medical career with other professions, hobbies or social activities.

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